What is an Adventure?

An adventure is more than just a walk, but more intimate than a day care experience. Each adventure means that your dog will be out of your house for around 3 hours a day, this includes me picking up and dropping off your dog to your home. It's important to me that dogs get to experience different places and smells, so the adventures will change location to incorporate swimming, woodlands, meadows and all things dogs love! Not only this but we will play games and even have time to stop for cuddles. Along the way I will positively reward any training you have put into place with your dog, and always practice and reward recall with yummy treats!

Only two adventures are run per day, they are in two slots AM & PM. 9:00am-12:00pm and 12:30pm-3:30pm (approximate times). Each adventure is limited to small groups of well suited dogs only. Having small groups means your dog is in close control, but still able to have fun with their furry pals. 


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If you want your dog at your wedding, we can help you. Packages suited to your day and your dogs needs.